Arbor Construction Services

With our experience in building docks and fencing, we also love to build arbors for gardens and back patios. With our designs, we create a peaceful shaded area for your family to gather and enjoy the summer days and nights right in your own backyard. Our arbors are built with pressure treated lumber to prevent weather damage and we ensure they look appealing to the eye. We can do garden arbors for landscape designs allowing your flowers and vines to grow beautifully around your fencing and include wooden sitting benches for garden viewing. Our patio arbors allow for outdoor shade and serve as a great place for outdoor barbeques.

Already have a design in mind?

No problem! We are here to complete the project to your specifications and your satisfaction. Our arbor construction services can show you the best materials for the job and give you an accurate price estimate. It is best to browse designs that will fit your gardens needs or patios. If you want to have plant vines that grow around the lattice work, or have benches that will stand in wet soil consistently, we will need to know these details to best prepare your materials and building plan.

Lattice Design and Construction

We can create custom lattice work for your plants as well. You can use these for privacy, as part of an existing fence, around gazebos, or underneath a porch for eye appeal. If you are interested in a pre-built lattice or custom designed, just let us know!

Just need a repair?

Do you already have a garden or patio with arbors that are needing some repairs or a complete tear down? We can help you spruce up your arbors design or fix the rotten boards and replace with new pieces.

Click here for more pictures of our Arbor work !