Seattle Fencing Company

Fencing is a specialty of ours. We build high quality fences for properties including pasture fencing, yard fencing, deck railings, privacy fences, and more. We use top brands for our construction materials that are made of wood, composites, and steel cable runs. We can also install tempered glass panels, vinyl fencing, aluminum, and steel gates & fences for commercial property and private residences. We can do split rail fencing and install horse panel gates for larger acreage lots as well.

Custom Designs

As a top Seattle fencing company, we are skilled in designing high quality fences that are unique and customized to your home and yard. With can do multiple height fences, lattice design work in the fence, unique post designs, and angled designs. Our fencing is made to withstand our harsh winter storms and weather with professional quality wood, steel, vinyl, and aluminum products from top brands. Do you have animals that need better fencing protection? We can install cable wire fencing with electric wiring for keeping animals in and out as well as chicken runs and horse paddocks. All of our designs are made for your particular needs and style for around your home.

We also specialize in repair and restoration

Don't leave those rotten boards sitting in your fence ready to break. From repairing broken railings, to rotten boards, or missing pieces, our staff is well trained and equipped to handle every job. With our unpredictable weather, we understand the many possible damages that can occur to your fencing. We have repaired fences from tree damage, wind damage, car crashes, and animal mishaps. We promise quality work, affordable estimates, and friendly service throughout the whole process. Please give us a call for all your woodworking needs!

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